"Cindy La Regia": A Mexican comedy that could make a difference

"Cindy La Regia" has good comical stitches, and although somewhat predictable, it is good for a family dove Sunday.
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"Cindy La Regia" is a new Mexican comedy, based on the character created by Ricardo Cucamonga, which precisely shows us the trip of Cindy , a young woman from Nuevo León who flees from her city to Mexico City after her boyfriend Lifelong proposes marriage. Upon arriving in Mexico City with her cousin, Cindy will have to manage alone and adapt to life outside the province.

Another Mexican comedy ... Yes, another. Because this is precisely the type of Mexican cinema that is consumed in our country, and the one that, although it hurts us, is the one that works and the one that sells, so that is why it is still produced as if it were bread.

If we criticize the question from the technical and artistic point of view, obviously the movie is losing , because it is another romantic comedy feature where the protagonist does not leave the clichés and in the end it ends well, with a predictable outcome 100% since the beginning of the film, decent performances but not remarkable and jokes that we already know in this type of Mexican films.

But if you see it as a means of entertainment with which you will support the national cinema , even if it is another comedy, it is a very entertaining film, with humor at its point, young faces and much material to continue bullying the regions ; They have good stitches that surely make you laugh out loud.

The end, although predictable , leaves a bad taste in the mouth , and not because it is bad, but because it seems unfinished, because after all the circus, maroma and theater of the protagonist , it seems that it does not solve anything, but that yes, it stays With the boy we all knew from the beginning.

Anyway, it is not a film worthy of the Oscar or that will make you reflect as a masterpiece of the cut of "Parasites" or "Little Women" would, but if you do not feel like "thinking so much" and just looking for a while of laughter and relax , "Cindy La Regia" has everything you need to satisfy you.

"Cindy La Regia" is available in all Mexican cinemas as of January 24.

Title: Cindy La Regia
Year: 2020
Director: Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Cast: casandra sanchez navarro
Genre: Comedia
2.0 Calificación
2.6 Calificación de Usuarios

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