Facts and curiosities about the movie "After"

"After" has been a great phenomenon of modern youth literature, so now this passionate love story comes to the big screen.
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Some years ago the fanfictions were quite popular in the internet world, and mainly among teenagers who were fans of current stars like Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush or One Direction . What are "fanfictions"? Stories invented by fans borrowing the physique of a celebrity or a character that already exists.

This is how Anna Todd created "After", a fan fiction based on the appearance of Harry Styles to give life to its protagonist, even making use of his real name. The story was so successful that shortly after it managed to be published on paper, with their respective sequels, and so get to the big screen.

The one that was once a story written by a fanatic, imagining Harry Styles as the protagonist, became a film story that has had a great acceptance among the adolescent and youthful public.

The story has moved completely away from the shadow of Harry Styles or One Direction and earned its own success in sales of the book, becoming a kind of "50 Shades of Gray" youth, and now a movie that to be successful with this first delivery, could become a cinematic tetralogy.

Now we share a series of curious facts about the history of Tessa and Hardin, and beware!, because there are SPOILERS .

1. Fanfiction


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It was in 2013 when Anna Todd, under the pseudonym of Imaginator 1D, began to write this fan fiction, basing her characters on the appearance of the members of the boyband One Direction, especially Harry Styles, who was the protagonist.

2. The saga

The saga

Just one year after publishing "After" on the Wattpad writer platform, Anna published the first of her books and followed with four more. The saga has 5 books in total: "After", "After We Collided", "Afer We Fell", "After Ever Happy" and "Before".

3. Influences


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The story of "After" is influenced by Anna Todd's favorite books, "Wuthering Heights" and "Pride and Prejudice", as well as some "50 Shades of Gray" style touches.

4. Rights of the film.

Rights of the film.

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In 2014, the same year that the first book was published, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to make the film, however, Anna Todd did not feel completely free to carry out the project, so she canceled the contract with Paramount