Who is Ema Egg? Discover why it is a trend in social networks

Know who Ema Egg is and the truth behind the rumor of her health.
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Who is Ema Egg?

Ema Egg is the character invented by Madeleyn Ainley for the television show "The Nights of Soccer" and "Volume 4" .

Madeleyn Ainley is a regional conductor who works on the program "The Show" of the Multimedia Television channel.

Madeleyn Ainley and began his career performing a character in the "Amateur" program of Multimedia Television. After a while he joined the cast of "Las Noches de Futbol" playing the same character as "Clara and Ema" that in previous programs had made her notice.

He has made his entire artistic career within the Multimedia Television channel, based in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

What really happened to Ema Egg?

At the beginning of the week the rumor began to circulate that the driver Madeleyn Ainley had been in a coma after undergoing an aesthetic procedure. That rumor ran through all social networks, but what really happened is that he contracted a bacterium that keeps his limbs immobilized and has a delicate state of health.

It is not known for sure how he contracted the bacteria but Ernesto Chavana , also a conductor of the show, commented that for days "Ema Egg" had presented health problems such as headache, high temperature among other symptoms.

Its evolution is expected to be positive over the next few days, since it has received a new treatment so that its state of health improves.

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