What you need to know about María Elena Anaya, the host of "Confetti"

A few weeks ago, and even a couple of months ago, a live program through Facebook began giving away cash to users who dared to participate in this contest of 10 questions about general culture and in the end, take a prize distributed of 5 thousand dollars.

" Confetti Mexico " has become tremendously popular since then among all Facebook users, and every day more and more participants are joining in looking for all the questions to win a part of the prize.

But in addition to the cash prize, another great attraction that has the program is the driver , who wrong or good, has put fun to the program with jokes (some bad), dynamism and of course, its appeal .

But besides knowing her as the " Confetti Chica ", who is María Elena Anaya ? Next we will tell you where this presenter came from, what she does in addition to " Confetti Mexico " and why many of her followers are impacted by the husband who is being charged.

Maybe with this curious data you may be able to hit a " Confetti Mexico " special about your driver María Elena Anaya, or maybe just calm your curiosity to know more intimate secrets of the beautiful host of this popular online contest program .

1. Beauty tapatía.

Beauty tapatía.

Crédito: Insta Stalker.

María Elena was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on March 12, 1990, although she later moved to Anaheim, California.

2. Our beauty.

Crédito: YouTube.

With her height of 1.78, in 2014 she auditioned and participated in the Nuestra Belleza Latina contest in Los Angeles, California.

3. Thousands of followers

Thousands of followers

Crédito: Ink361.

Due to its popularity with "Confetti Mexico", the tapatía already has almost a quarter of a million followers in its Instagram account.

4. Driving.

Crédito: YouTube.

After Nuestra Belleza Latina, María Elena ventured as a host and has participated in multiple programs produced in the United States for the Hispanic public such as "En Vivo", "Buenos Días Familia" and currently on the Estrella TV channel.