To remember Fernando Luján, his most outstanding projects

From the time of the golden cinema in Mexico, to the new Mexican cinema, Fernando Luján made a long and successful career in film, theater and television.
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Fernando Ciangherotti Díaz , better known as Fernando Luján , was a Mexican actor who made his debut making films as a child in the 1950s and became a leading figure in the golden age of Mexican cinema . He was one of the last artists who performed with Pedro Infante in the movie "El Mil Amores".

Fernando Luján was part of an extensive dynasty of actors , his father was the Argentinean actor Alejandro Ciangherotti and his mother, the actress Mercedes Soler, one of the Soler brothers: Fernando Soler, Andrés Soler, Domingo Soler and Julián Soler. His brother was also an actor, Alejandro Ciangherotti.

Fernando Luján made his debut at the age of seven in the play "Marianela" by Benito Pérez Galdós and in 1947 he made his film debut with the film "La Cobarde". This is how he stood out as a youth actor in the golden age of Mexican cinema in the 50's .

Unfortunately the first actor died on January 11, 2019 at his home in Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, where he also received the last goodbye his wife and children. So to remember his great legacy and talent, then you list some of its most prominent throughout his career projects.

1. Viento en Contra (2011).

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Luisa Braniff is achieving her dream: to be Investment Director of one of the most important fund companies in Mexico. However, fate has prepared a surprise for him: a multimillion-dollar fraud has been done under his name.

2. Insignificant Things (2008).

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The beauty of relationships between people can often be seen in the smallest details or in the words of the characters in this magical tale. Esmeralda keeps forgotten objects and from them comes this wonderful story.

3. Love of Adolescent (1965).

Love of Adolescent (1965).

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Lucia (Ofelia Montesco) and Raúl (Fernando Luján) get married, but he lives a hell beside her because she is beautiful and is sure that she has always cheated on him, but she can not prove it until one day some photos of her arrive. she naked.

4. The Thousand Amores (1954).

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A woman asks a man to pose as her absent husband to attend an event at her daughter's school.