This is what Daiana Guzmán is doing now, 8 years after the scandal.

In 2010 the scandal broke out around the singer and former OV7 member, Kalimba, all due to an accusation from a young girl for sexual abuse.
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In 1989 the singer Julissa created the band La Onda Vaselina , but this group became really popular in early 2000 when it re-emerged as OV7 . Among the members of the youth group were Oscar Schwebel, Lidia Avila, Mariana Ochoa, Erika Saba, Ari Borovoy, M'Balia Marichal and Kalimba Marichal . Over the years some members left the group and others entered in their place, but each one in his time gained great popularity and success thanks to OV7 .

After some years and that the group disintegrated and took a break, members like Kalimba , were released solo, and especially he was the one who won more outside the group within the musical world .

In 2010 and during a presentation in a den, Kalimba got involved with a couple of young girls, and one of them later accused him of abuse , since he was a minor. The scandal exploded and Kalimba went through a legal process and was apprehended and even deported when he wanted to travel to Texas, however, for lack of evidence was released in January 2011.

Thanks to the scandal generated, the girl who denounced him , Daiana Guzmán , gained some fame in the middle and from there she grabbed for an "artistic" career, and this is what she has done since she accused Kalimba of sexual abuse .

1. The scandal.

The scandal.

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Kalimba served as a DJ at an event in Chetumal where Daiana and her friend Thaily were as hostesses despite being minors. After Daiana denounced the singer for sexual abuse, when he invited them to continue the party in a hotel in the city where he was accompanied by his friend and where the rest of the staff of Kalimba was.

2. Stopped.


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The scandal happened at the end of 2010 and in January 2011 Kalimba was arrested but shortly afterwards, due to lack of evidence, he was released.

3. Life things.

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The case was to give up the program "Things of Life", where they exposed everything that happened and Daiana was confronted with her friend Thaily. However, after the liberation of Kalimba, little by little the scandal died down.

4. In magazines for men.

In magazines for men.

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Shortly after the scandal ended, Daiana agreed to pose nude for Playboy magazine, which generated more negative criticism, although for her it was a great business, fame that also took the opportunity to start building a career in the artistic medium.