This is what Andrés Palacios has done after his success with "Amor en Custodia"

Andrés Palacios became very popular with Paola Núñez when both starred in "Amor en Custodia" from 2005 to 2006.
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Andrés Palacios is a Mexican actor born in Chile who, just two years old, left his native country and came to live in Mexico with his family. She started as a model and later graduated from the TV Azteca Actoral Training Center , so shortly after she obtained her first leading role in the telenovela "Las Juanas" .

However, the character that gave him the international recognition, was that of Nicolás Pacheco , the protagonist of the telenovela "Amor en Custodia", an adaptation of Argentina that devastated ratings and success in Mexico , giving Andrés a great popularity as an actor.

Before arriving at his first protagónico and the great success that was in "Love in Custody" next to Paola Núñez , began in the telenovelas of TV Azteca like "Belinda" and "The Doubt" , and thus it has continued along all these years, in soap operas.

Although Andrés Palacios changed television since 2013, making telenovelas for Telemundo and since 2016 on Televisa , the actor has not stopped acting. Then we tell you everything he has done since the success of the telenovela he starred with Paola Núñez , "Love in Custody" is over.

1. Debut in soap operas.

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Andrés made his debut on television in 1999 in the telenovela "Romántica Obsesión" and in the same year "Háblame de Amor", to then appear in "El Amor No Es Como Lo Pintan" between 2000 and 2001.

2. Las Juanas

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His first leading role came with "Las Juanas" after having participated in "El País de las Mujeres", "La Duda" and "Belinda".

3. Love in custody.

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The success came completely to him in 2005 with "Love in Custody", that in spite of being an adaptation, managed to surpass the success of the original one and even extend during a year of transmissions.

4. Eternal night.

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When the success of "Amor en Custodia" faded, Andrés continued with the telenovelas on TV Azteca, appearing in "Cuando Haya Vida" and then in "Noche Eterna".