They are the most popular and successful gay influencers in Latin America

Among the most influential internet personalities in Latin America, these guys belong to the LGTB community.
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Social networks have now become a whole community of creators and spectators, making a very important platform that has outperformed others such as television. Young people now get all forms of entertainment through the internet ; movies, programs, blogs, digital magazines, forms of communication, video games, etc.

It is as a result of all this, that the internet has also catapulted celebrities , or the so-called " influencers ", who thanks to various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, have managed to build a career through the internet, with millions of followers and fans who now recognize them for everything they do online.

The internet has thrown very influential modern personalities that earn millions each year, people like Juan Pablo Zurita, Lele Pons, Nikkie Tutorials, Yuya, among many others, but it has also strengthened the LGBT community , opening a communication channel to express themselves without censorship and also gather millions of followers.

In Latin America we have influencers from the LGTB community who have climbed to success and have managed to stay there, becoming big LGBT stars of the internet among Latinos and also globally. With different content, different ways of expressing themselves and millions of followers, these influencers are already well- known celebrities in cyberspace .

1. The Divaza.

Crédito: YouTube.

Of Venezuelan origin, he is a YouTuber who declared himself gay in a video, and in the MTV MIAW of 2018 he was recognized as icon of the year.

2. Juan Pablo Jaramillo.

Crédito: YouTube.

The exit of the closet of the Colombian YouTuber impacted in an important way in his native country. He is currently in a relationship with Cristóbal Pesce.

3. Alejo Igoa

Crédito: YouTube.

In 2016 the Argentine left the closet and currently goes out with the Venezuelan Asbel Nazar.

4. Street and Poché.

Crédito: YouTube.

The girls from Colombia started on YouTube giving tips of beauty and fashion, until they confessed that they went from being best friends to falling in love with one another. Currently they are one of the most popular YouTubers couples in Latin America.