Televisa is already preparing its version of the series "Grey's Anatomy"

To the surprise of many, Televisa is already preparing its own version of the medical series "Grey's Anatomy".
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“Grey's Anatomy” , created by Shonda Rhimes , has been one of the most successful medical series on television, and has even achieved the record of the most durable medical series on the air, with 15 seasons, more than 300 episodes and 15 years at air.

From the series the “Private Practice” spin-off was derived , which revolved around the life of Addison Montgomery , and also presented the “Station 19” series , which has had several crossovers with “Grey's Anatomy” , and is the creation of Shonda Rhimes herself.

A few years ago, TV Azteca ventured to make its own adaptation called "A Open Heart" , which lasted only two seasons not very successful. Now, years later, Televisa prepares its version of the medical series , and so far, many are not happy with the Mexican television's attempt to replicate this successful American series.

1. Mexican version

Mexican version

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Among the various projects recently announced by Televisa, with refritos of old soap operas, he also announced his next adaptation of the successful medical series "Grey's Anatomy", which has been on the air for 15 years with 15 seasons.

2. Producer and director.

Producer and director.
It was also announced that José Alberto Castro will be the producer of the series and that it will be "similar" to the American series "Grey's Anatomy". The project management will be in charge of Benjamin Cann.

3. Details about the new project.

Details about the new project.

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José Alberto Castro gave details about the pre-production of the project: “We are developing characters who are dedicated to medicine and obviously to understand what they do in their professional life, to be fighting for the life and health of people, but they also have to put order and go out to your personal life, in your relationships both sentimental and family ”.

4. First confirmed actor.

First confirmed actor.

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Castro also confirmed that he already has the actor José Elías Castro confirmed for one of the main roles of the series: “He could tell you that he is with us, I love his work. He prepared and introduced me to a wonderful character. ”