Scandals that have marked the 'career' of the Hoffman brothers

The famous Mexican YouTubers, who are also brothers, have starred in several scandals throughout their online career.
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Yoss Hoffman , better known as YosStop and Ryan Hoffman , better known as Rayito , or by the name of his channel, Debryanshow , are a couple of Mexican brothers and YouTubers who became very popular a few years ago in the internet community, and They managed to become some of the most successful and known ' influencers ' in Mexico .

But in addition to making videos with millions of visits , this pair of brothers has met in the eye of the hurricane several times, as it seems that they love being the center of attention for their various scandals . Recently it is YosStop , who was the protagonist of a scandal that renamed it # LadyYate , but in addition to this controversy , there have been others between both controversial brothers.

1. The funeral of his father.

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Ryan, or better known as Rayito or Debryanshow, was recently in the eye of the hurricane and received strong criticism for having transmitted in his social networks part of his father's funeral procession. Many netizens called it insensitive and considered it very bad taste.

2. YosStop vs. Karla Souza

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When Mexican actress Karla Souza announced that she had been the victim of sexual abuse by a film director, YosStop gave an opinion on the case saying it seemed ridiculous, which created a strong debate and many criticisms of the YouTuber for being " double moral "and" macho. "

3. Debryanshow and his disrespect for Germany.

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During the World Cup in Russia, and after the Mexican team defeated the German team, the YouTuber simulated 'violating' the German flag, which was considered a great disrespect. Ryan apologized later.

4. Luna Bella vs. YosStop

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YosStop starred in a season of dimes and diretes between her and Luna Bella, also a YouTuber and former Mexican porn actress. Both were launched strong comments and criticisms that gave material for a good time for both.