Scandals that have been marked the career of Alejandro Fernández

Alejandro Fernández has been a great exponent of Mexican regional music internationally, but has also been marked by multiple scandals.
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Alejandro Fernández is a famous Mexican singer of ranchera music, son of the singer, Vicente Fernández . At the beginning of his career he concentrated on regional Mexican music, such as ranchera and mariachi, but over the years he was leaning more towards Latin pop, ballad and boleros.

His father has been an icon of Mexican music, and Alejandro followed in his footsteps, triumphing in the music scene and becoming a representative of our country in the world.

However, despite the fact that his father, Vicente Fernández , never had major scandals in his career, Alejandro has been the protagonist of a few that have generated great controversy and controversy .

Throughout his career, Alejandro has given much to talk about his private life , wives, children, and at one time, for his alleged alcoholism , as it was presented evidently taken at his concerts or made the odd public disfigurement , besides being caught in somewhat embarrassing situations for the singer.

Despite his great successes and be considered one of the greatest exponents of Mexican music in his time, scandals and controversy have also been protagonists in the career of Alejandro Fernández.

1. Women.


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The "Potrillo" has always been the target of the press for his women, especially for his infidelities and because every time his girlfriends are much younger than him. One of the last, Karla Laveaga was 20 years younger than him.

2. Kiss in the mouth.

Kiss in the mouth.

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In 2002, during the delivery of the Latin Recording Academy, a kiss in the mouth between Alejandro and his father, Vicente Fernández, was criticized as inappropriate and caused great controversy, although they declared that it is only a family custom as a sign of sweetie.

3. The accident.

The accident.

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In 2015 the singer suffered a car accident where he seriously injured his arm and leg, however, he said that it was actually he who was driving, not his driver, and the reason for the crash was that the singer was in a state of drunkenness

4. Panic on the plane.

Panic on the plane.

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The singer was taken off a flight after causing a scandal by assaulting the plane's crew and other passengers. According to witnesses, the singer was in a serious state of drunkenness.