Pedrito Sola has a YouTube channel and these are his funniest videos

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Pedro Sola is a television host who became known on the Mexican small screen thanks to his participation in the main staff of the show program “Ventaneando” of TV Azteca since its inception and to date. Pedro Sola has been one of its main drivers, as well as participate spontaneously in other programs of television, being widely known in Mexico for his appearances on the channel.

In addition to being a conductor of shows, Pedro Sola rose to fame on the Internet due to several memes, becoming also well known among the newer generations for his mistakes such as the Mayonnaise commercial "McCormick" and his already characteristic dance. So taking advantage of his sudden fame in social networks and with the boom that they have had in recent years, Pedrito Sola opened a YouTube channel to tell his stories, and surprisingly his videos have been well received in the community, accumulating thousands of views and subscribers .

If you still do not immerse yourself in the charisma and originality of this YouTube channel, today we share some of the most interesting videos on the Pedrito Sola channel; And do not worry, it has nothing to do with your daily participation in "Ventaneando" , because the content is pleasantly different and very entertaining .