Loreto Peralta is ready to return to the big screen this year

The little girl became very popular when she debuted on the big screen next to Eugenio Derbez in the movie "No Returns Are Accepted".
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Loreto Peralta is a young actress who became tremendously popular in 2013 after participating in the Mexican film "No Accept Returns," alongside Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez.

Loreto is an American actress of Mexican descent who had no problem speaking English and Spanish in the film , and that added to her talent and charisma, earned her great success with the film during that year. However, in the following years it did not sound so much with his participation in films like "El Profeta" of 2014 and "Guardianes de Oz" in 2015, it was not until last 2018 that he was talked about again because of his participation in a strange adaptation of "La Sirenita" , a movie recorded in 2016 and starring William Moseley and Poppy Drayton that only saw the light last year.

But this 2019 Loreto will be on everyone's lips, because at the end of 2018 he shared in his social networks that he was recording several projects that will see the light this year. And is that in addition to having grown and currently being 14 years old, Loreto has continued working in his acting career to resurface this year and conquer the big screen .

1. Film debut

Film debut

Crédito: La Prensa.

At only 9 years of age he managed to win the role in "No Refunds Are Accepted" and began recording in 2012 for the film to be released in 2013 with great success.

2. Next projects

Next projects

Crédito: Azteca América.

In the years following the success of "No Refunds Are Accepted", Loreto only lent his voice to two animated films in consecutive years, "El Profeta" in 2014 and "Guardianes de Oz" in 2015.

3. The failure of "The Little Mermaid."

The failure of "The Little Mermaid."
He starred in a strange version of "The Little Mermaid" next to William Moseley and Poppy Drayton, however, was released in 2018 when the film was filmed in 2016, and it was a failure at the box office and with the critics.

4. Debut as a model.

Debut as a model.

Crédito: Expansión.

Last September 2018 she debuted as a model, at age 14 she participated as a model for the fall-winter campaign of designer Raquel Orozco.