Guess what song José José is about by a part of his lyrics

Any Mexican who respects himself, even if he is not a fan of the singer, can recognize the most representative songs of José José.
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On March 15, 1970, José José participated in the II Latin Song Festival , with the song “El Triste” by Roberto Cantoral, and “Dos” by Wello Rivas, where he obtained third place before the audience that filled the Theater Railroad of Mexico City. The melody immediately became a great international success, which allowed José José to start his presentations throughout the continent. Such was the impact of the song, which was released in countries like Russia, Japan and Israel.

From there it was learned that José José would be a great singer, which ended up giving him the title of 'The Prince of the Song' . Today, to remember his career full of successes and songs that have become hymns , we invite you to solve this quiz ; because no matter how old you are, if you are Mexican , surely you know the most representative songs of José José .