Famous Mexicans who do have a university degree finished

These Mexican celebrities concluded with their university education before continuing with their artistic career, and some studied things that had nothing to do with them.
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Many people believe that to be a famous , actor or singer is not studied , that all those people get to conquer fame by mere luck, however, there are actually university careers in acting, theater, music, and many more related to the Artistic method. Although, not all the celebrities we know have studied exactly one of those races or any other; There is everything in the world of entertainment .

While some celebrities began their professional career with other ideas and goals, some more celebrities left school altogether to dedicate themselves to making a name in the artistic medium. Some went through Yalitza Aparicio and just graduated in a completely foreign career , went on to succeed as actors , presenters , singers , etc.

However, and although it seems otherwise, there are celebrities who despite having an artistic career , decided to complete their university studies; the famous Mexicans that we present below have been well known in the middle of the show , and although not precisely because of their university degree , they, besides being actors, conductors or singers, wanted to finish school and obtain their professional title .

Surely some of these famous Mexicans will surprise you with the professional career they chose to study .

1. Jaime Camil.

Jaime Camil.

Crédito: Posta.

The actor studied business administration at the Anahuac University.

2. Ana Serradilla

Ana Serradilla

Crédito: Close Up México.

The actress studied graphic design at the Intercontinental University.

3. Andrés Bustamante.

Andrés Bustamante.

Crédito: El Sol de México.

The actor and comedian studied at the Anahuac University, communication sciences.

4. Salma Hayek.

Salma Hayek.

Crédito: Cronio.

The actress from Veracruz studied international relations at the Universidad Iberoamericana.