Everything you need to know about Bu Cuarón, the daughter of Alfonso Cuarón

Olmo Cuarón was the protagonist behind his father during the Óscar awards, but Bu Cuarón, his sister, is also a talented artist.
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Alfonso Cuarón has already become an icon of success and triumph in Mexico , because with his prolific cinematographic career he has put the name of Mexico on high, besides seeing his talent recognized in Hollywood and the rest of the world. In recent months his name has sounded infinitely thanks to his latest production, " Roma ", a Mexican film directed and written by him that tells the life of Cleo, played by Yalitza Aparicio , and who has also been on the lips of everyone .

So the night of the Oscar prize we were very aware of the nominations of " Roma " and Alfonso Cuarón , but besides that, we met his son Olmo Cuarón, who was the protagonist of social networks for his unique faces and gestures, but this We will focus on the director's daughter, Tess Bu Cuarón .

Bu Cuarón , as she is best known, as well as being the daughter of the Mexican director , has become an Instagram star for her unique style and uniqueness, but also for the song " Psycho ", which appears on the soundtrack of " Roma ", the movie of his father.

Unlike her brothers and her father, Bu is more inclined towards music , and has a lot of talent . But there is a little more of her that everyone should know and then we tell you.

1. Origin.


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Tess Bu CUarón is the daughter of Alfonso Cuarón and Annalisa Bugliana. He was born in 2003 in London, so he is currently 15 years old.

2. Music.

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Bu has been more interested in music than in movies; on his Instagram he has shared videos of himself singing and playing various instruments.

3. Other talents

Other talents

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In addition to music, Bu also has talent to paint with spray and other techniques, photos he shares on his Instagram.

4. Instagram celebrity

Instagram celebrity

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Besides being Cuarón's daughter, she has become an Instagram celebrity, and has gathered just over 120 thousand followers in her verified account.