Curiosities of Oscar nominee and actress of "Rome", Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio went from being a preschool teacher in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, to an Oscar-nominated actress for her role in the film "Roma."
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In recent months, the film by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón , " Roma ", has caused as much commotion, as recognition, as the feminine empowerment of which both Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio have been spokespersons and protagonists.

The latter, who is the main protagonist of the film, has given much to talk about, both good and bad, is that the sudden emergence of Yalitza as an Oscar - nominated actress has generated many different opinions.

Yalitza was just a recently graduated teacher in Oaxaca , until her sister advised her to audition for a movie. Yalitza almost had no idea of what it was or who was Alfonso Cuarón himself , agreed and by chance, he stayed with the paper, which months later would be worth a great recognition worldwide that perhaps to date she It can even process.

Appearing on the covers of international magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair , alongside great international actors such as Saoirse Ronan and Rami Malek, Yalitza is gaining ground in the film industry and not only the national one, but even Hollywood, where in the next few days will recognize, perhaps, as the best actress among other nominees such as Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, Olivia Colman and Melissa McCarthy.

Then we tell you some curious facts about Yalitza Aparicio , of her life before the fame and the commotion that " Rome " has caused, and how her life has been since the whole world has known her for her role of " Cleo ".

1. Origin.

Yalitza is originally from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, where she recently graduated from Normal School Lázaro Cárdenas de Putla, Oaxaca and worked as a preschool teacher.

2. Be an actress

Be an actress

Crédito: Actitud Fem.

As she has said in many interviews, she had never considered being an actress until she auditioned for the film by Alfonso Cuarón.

3. Artistic skills.

Artistic skills.

Crédito: Facebook.

Contrary to the performance, Yalitza's sister declared that she also wanted to dedicate herself to poetry, reading and even painting. This is a drawing he published on his social networks in 2012.

4. Secret project.

Secret project.

Crédito: Facebook.

When he was filming "Roma" in February of 2017, he shared an image in Tabasco, although he did not say that he was filming anything, only that he was walking around the place.