Celebrities who have fought and distanced themselves from their parents

Money lawsuits, disagreements, fights by couples and more situations have been the origin of the estrangements between these celebrities and their parents.
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Even in the best families there are conflicts , and what a conflict ! And just as you fight with your brothers or your parents, celebrities too, no matter who is more famous or who has more money, they also end the chongo with their relatives .

More recently it has been a scandal for months, which Alejandra Guzmán and her daughter Frida Sofía have taken, and that is that fighting between mother and daughter seems to be something of a family, but in addition to them, there have been other famous people who fought so strong with their parents , that they ended up distancing themselves for a long time and even until the death of some of them.

1. Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía.

Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía.

Crédito: Telemundo.

Certainly no one knows what or when the lawsuit between the two began, but the days have passed and Frida Sofía has published many of her mother's "failures" and the reasons for her estrangement, including that Alejandra Guzmán initiated a relationship with an ex of Frida Sofia.

2. Silvia Pinal and Silvia Pasquel.

Silvia Pinal and Silvia Pasquel.

Crédito: Univisón.

A few decades ago, and as we saw in the bioserie of Silvia Pinal, these mother and daughter fought and distanced because they both had a love relationship with the same man. Pinal had his burns and then Pasquel married him and had a daughter, who unfortunately died at 3 years of age.

3. Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

Crédito: TN.

It is not news for anyone to know that this father and son have had a little close relationship, and Julio Iglesias was not very in agreement with the decision of his son to leave the university and dedicate himself to music just like him. It is known that Enrique even rejected the inheritance in life of his father.

4. Belinda, Ignacio Peregrín and Belinda Schull.

Belinda, Ignacio Peregrín and Belinda Schull.

Crédito: Clase.

The singer has had many ups and downs in the relationship with her parents, and there was a point at which it was said that they even exploited her and took advantage of her daughter's career. There was a time when Belinda could not move anymore and in addition to moving, she became completely independent, cutting off working relationships with her parents, and although they distanced themselves, they have become very close again.