Celebrities who have created controversy for their comments on Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio has had to face bad reviews, not only from the same Mexican public, but also from other actors and celebrities.
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Although the film awards season closed with a flourish on the night of the Óscar de La Academia awards, the films that were recognized continue to give something to talk about, especially " Roma ", the Mexican film directed and written by the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón , and which has generated great stir for the theme, the exquisiteness of its technique, its moving story, its actors, and mainly its protagonist, the now actress, Yalitza Aparicio .

Since Yalitza was discovered in Oaxaca when she auditioned and was completely unknown in the art world before her film debut with " Roma ", many of her colleagues in the media had different opinions according to her sudden success and her unexpected Oscar nomination.

Of course, among all the compliments and praises for Yalitza , there were also many negative reviews and bad comments that gave something to talk about, and not only from the Mexican public, but also from Mexican actors who gave their opinion without caring about anything.

These actors opened their mouths in public and in private, some messed up and ended up publicly apologizing , while others held their terrible opinions about the protagonist of "Rome", Yalitza Aparicio .

1. Laura Zapata

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When asked about the nomination of Yalitza to the Oscar, Laura responded that "the luck of the ugly ..." and then corrected herself by talking about how lucky Yalitza had been and what was very good for her.

2. Yuri

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The singer also opined about the fate of Yalitza, but at the mere hour she made balls and ended up understanding that she said "ugly".

3. Yuri ... again.

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When she wanted to fix what she had said before, the singer offered another interview saying that she had barely seen the film and that she "wanted a Yalitza in her house", a comment that also caused a lot of controversy.

4. Patricia Reyes Spíndola.

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The first actress did not criticize with insults but she did say that in spite of luck, she does not believe that Yalitza continues as an actress because she does not have the vocation.