Find out which song from Harry Styles' album "Fine Line" you are

"Fine Line" was released in December 2019 and has been very successful, this year Harry Styles will present it live on his Love On Tour.
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Harry Styles is currently a singer, songwriter, and actor who got his start by auditioning as a solo singer for the British talent show The X Factor . Unfortunately it did not meet the expectations of the judges as a soloist but after a decision made mainly by the creator of the program, Simon Cowell , he was put in a band with 4 other guys who had also gone looking for an opportunity within the musical reality show as soloists. . From there everything went up as fast as the foam and One Direction became a worldwide musical phenomenon that kept breaking records, selling records and concert tickets. Five years later the boyband declared that they would take a break and each one went to carry out their personal projects .

Harry Styles has been the one that has stood out the most and the one that has achieved the most hits and musical records in recent years as a soloist.

From his debut solo album, Harry Styles hit records with his singles, ranking first on various charts around the world, and selling millions in tickets for his world tour. With his second solo album he has also already placed at the top of the popularity charts and has managed to earn several sales awards for his recent album "Fine Line".

Harry Styles has managed to gain recognition from the music industry and reap many successes with his latest musical production, “Fine Line”.

Whether you are a fan of Harry Styles or not, we know that everyone likes at least one song by the singer, so let's see which of his songs from his album "Fine Line" you are, according to your personality.