People who made the most cool poses next to statues

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Every day we pass places where we find statues of all kinds. Solid and boring figures that try to create a beauty and harmony in the city or are simply an abstract work of an artist who wanted to express their emotions. Many of them are simply a space that few people give importance to, no matter how long they have been adorning the streets.

But there are some people who find them a very fun use, and create very curious and original photographs . In this list we can see several people who had a lot of creativity to take very entertaining photographs using boring statues as their companions.

Outside of always taking the boring travel pose photographs , these people took their creativity and ingenuity far beyond to take advantage of the unusual poses in which these statues were sculpted. In addition to being an ornament that almost everyone already goes unnoticed, these statues came to life in these creative and ingenious photographs .