Children who took the instructions they gave very literally

These children decided to take the instructions in a very literal way and the result is quite funny
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When we are little we are like a sponge that tries to absorb all the possible knowledge, and in the same way, we try to do things well when we are asked, because somehow we feel great children and "we know what we do".

We must also accept that on some occasions adults assume that the little ones will understand what we mean, without knowing that they do not have certain references to understand it , because they only know the meaning of certain words and if they do not understand what What you mean will do exactly what words tell you to do.

That is why on this occasion we bring to you a compilation of different events between parents and children , or where children are involved who took an indication very seriously and literally did what they were asked, which is correct, but surely it is something very different from what the person who requested it expected.

From the instructions on a package, the teacher's homework or what dad and mom asked us to do, everything can be part of this beautiful panorama of possibilities.

1. Half of the hotdog.

Half of the hotdog.

Crédito: Taringa.

I told him that I couldn't watch TV until at least half of his hotdog ended.

2. Fish.


Crédito: Bored Panda.

They had to take a fish to school, not exactly dead.

3. Toast.


Crédito: Reddit.

We told our 3 year old daughter that in the new year there was a "toast" (toast) for the new year and when they gave 12 this new tradition began thanks to her.

4. Dog tricks

Dog tricks

Crédito: Reddit.

We told him he could look for some tricks on YouTube to show them to the dog.