Secrets about the children of Brad and Angelina after their separation

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have been the most attractive actors in Hollywood at some point in history and it is that they both had their time when everything we saw on the big screen was their face, being the most requested actors in Hollywood for its attractiveness and also for its acting talent. It was to be expected that at some point in history these two would unite and end up being the most popular and attractive couple in the entire American artistic medium.

Brad left his marriage with Jennifer Aniston and is that while filming "Mr. And Mrs. Smith ” fell asleep before Angelina's charms and did not mind using a divorce with Aniston in order to start a relationship with Jolie , a relationship of about 12 years and a few children who placed them as, apparently, the Hollywood's most stable and attractive couple, in addition to their charitable works and film projects together and separately.

However, just over a year ago, the dream of the perfect couple was over and Angelina and Brad separated, although 14 months later they have not yet signed the divorce, some secrets have come to light about something that has always attracted attention About this couple: their children .