People who made extraordinary creations with their free time

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Hobbies and hobbies are certain activities, which, as the name says, are to kill leisure time or boredom and invest that downtime in something productive or in an activity that stimulates creativity that is to our liking; Sing, draw, paint, write, among many other activities are those that each person can have a particular taste to spend their free time .

However, while some of us only dedicate ourselves to practice some sport or write a few verses, there are really dedicated people who seem to have more free time than one would expect and invest it completely in activities that give an amazing result, worthy of admiration and recognition, because they not only spent their free time, they dedicated more than that to make incredible creations .

That's more or less what the people on this list have done, and apparently they had more than a couple of hours a day to practice their favorite activity , which resulted in incredible wonders that took months and even years to complete. In addition to time, these people put dedication and exploited all his talent to do these extraordinary things that will leave you with your mouth open.