Details that you had not noticed and now you can not get out of your head

Now I can never get the image of Popeye with his head pipe.
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The human mind still has unexplored and undecipherable parts about its operation and that is that the human mind or brain can be so powerful that everything it can be capable of doing is incredible and the least we use it.

So it is normal for the mind to play tricks on us and sometimes we are not fully aware of what we are seeing, simply because our brain sometimes decides what to show us and what not or because we don't pay attention to detail in everything that surrounds us.

In our environment there are people, images , shapes, all kinds of things that we get to see so much that our brain stops analyzing them in detail and it is likely that over time you stop seeing the details and no longer perceive those little things and even Let your head see them in a different way from reality.

These following images contain details of things that you may know very well but with certain things that you might not have noticed or were already unnoticed .

1. Missing


Crédito: A&E's.

You hadn't noticed that Whoopi Wolberg has no eyebrows.

2. The pipe

The pipe

Crédito: Imgur.

Have you ever thought about how Popeye smokes his pipe on the other side of his face?

3. The mockingbird.

The mockingbird.

Crédito: Uproxx.

The famous symbol of "The Hunger Games" has a strange resemblance to Johnny Bravo.

4. Click.


Crédito: Tenor GIF.

The sound produced by snapping your fingers does not come from your middle and thumb, it is the sound that your middle finger produces when hitting it with the inside of your palm.