This was the religious wedding of Hailey and Justin Bieber in South Carolina

The former teenage idol married Hailey Baldwin for the second time, this time at a religious ceremony in South Carolina.
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In 2018 Justin Bieber surprised with the news of his marriage to the model Hailey Baldwin , and that is that this sudden wedding came very shortly after the breakup of the model with Shawn Mendes, and that Justin Bieber had been captured again with Selena Gomez , in one of his many reunions .

The love story that Justin Bieber lived with Selena Gomez was almost a decade, with ups and downs, pulls and pulls, infidelities, scandals, breakups and reconciliations, but then he met Hailey Baldwin , whom he had also known for a long time and ... got married.

A year after being married , the couple celebrated a new wedding in large company with celebrities and a great waste of elegance and lots of money .

The happy couple who shared their married life on social networks, married for the first time in secret in a New York courthouse in 2018 , and now they had a religious marriage on September 30 in a larger celebration .

This second ceremony that now united them religiously in marriage , was held in South Carolina and had great guests of the show such as Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith, among others.

1. Anniversary and wedding

Anniversary and wedding

Crédito: Page Six.

A year after being married in New York, Justin and Hailey rejoined in marriage, this time at a religious ceremony in South Carolina.

2. Intimate ceremony

Intimate ceremony

Crédito: Times of India.

Both the ceremony and the party were very intimate, with just 154 guests. After being married in New York by the civilian, they chose South Carolina as the romantic destination for their religious wedding.

3. The place of the ceremony.

The place of the ceremony.

Crédito: Evening Standard.

The religious ceremony was held at the Somerset Chapel, which is part of the exclusive Montage Palmetto Bluff resort.

4. A magic moment

A magic moment

Crédito: Newshub.

Some nearby sources described the place of the ceremony as magical. Prior to the ceremony that was conducted by Pastor Judah Smith, all kinds of cocktails were served for the guests.