The most unexpected responses of celebrities in the game "Never, never"

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Ellen DeGeneres has become very popular among the American showbiz thanks to her great charisma and sense of humor, in addition to always being able to do the most fun interviews with her characteristic impudence when it comes to getting the answers to celebrities , regardless of whether it is From a comedian like Tina Fey or a great personality like Barack Obama, Ellen always knows how to do the best interviews and also the funniest games to ask celebrities very original things.

Among other games that the presenter does in her show with her guest stars , is "Never, never," where Ellen says a phrase that begins, for example, "Never, never ... I have dated a fan ”, and celebrities must answer if they have never done so or, failing that, give an affirmative answer .

This game has become so popular in its program, that several celebrities have dropped the soup when playing and both the public and Ellen DeGeneres herself, have taken great surprises with the most unexpected responses of their famous guests .

Here we bring you some of the most amazing secrets and answers that celebrities have given when playing “Never, Never” in the Ellen DeGeneres program .