The most successful brother among the most famous twin pairs in the middle

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The question of being compared is always difficult for any mortal with brothers ; if he is taller, smarter, with better skills, with better grades, etc. And is that although parents do not want to make comparisons between their children, on many occasions the rest of the people do so, simply because they are brothers and come from the same family, the comparison seems to be law between brothers .

And in the entertainment world it is even worse, because these celebrities have fans, press and a whole audience that can be judging and comparing them with their brothers to be the most successful of the two.

In the artistic environment there are many brothers who have become famous and who have worked hard to get away from comparisons regarding the work and success of their brothers , however, for the twin brothers it is a bit more complicated.

These twin brothers have become famous together, and part of their great success and popularity is because they have worked together since they were little, but already grown up, they have broken paths and their successes have become completely independent. Then we will find who is the most successful twin brother of these pairs of famous brothers .