Selena and Justin: the thread about everything that was their "toxic" relationship

The, now non-existent, relationship between Selana Gomez and Justin Bieber has given to talk again thanks to a thread on Twitter made by a Brazilian fan.
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Justin Bieber became a great music star after being discovered on YouTube , and it was from there that all his songs were translated into success, making him a youth idol that all his fans saw grow on stage. Once he reached adolescence, Bieber began to be the target of scandals and controversies, of course, including his love life , which has always been the target of the press. Among all his romances and relationships , one of the most important, and the one that has resonated most in social networks and the media, has been the one he had with the singer Selena Gomez .

Selena and Justin met because both were the sensation of the moment a few years ago, so they ran into red carpets and awards, in addition to having many friends in common. Soon they began a relationship that would cause many scandals, because in addition to finishing and returning countless times, this would become a "toxic relationship" .

A couple of years of having been seen together for the last time and with Bieber now married, a Brazilian fan made an account of the relationship of both young stars, uncovering and recalling the deceptions , infidelities and gossips that Bieber did to Gomez throughout their relation. This "thread" of dates and events has caused a lot of stir, and has raised a massive hatred towards Justin Bieber . Here we summarize the most relevant .

1. Viral thread

Viral thread

Crédito: Glamour.

The relationship between Selena and Justin began in 2011, coming and going. But recently a "thread" on Twitter went viral, entitled "All the betrayals he made to Selena"; which summarizes, as the title says, all of Justin Bieber's alleged moves towards Selena while they were together.

2. The debate.

The debate.

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The thread quickly became viral and was translated into several languages, the original being in Portuguese. It had more than 56 thousand retweets and more than 222 thousand likes. In addition to generating a great debate between the fans of both singer and a widespread hatred for Bieber.

3. The long list.

The long list.

Crédito: Elle.

The story details all the encounters that Bieber had with a long list of models and actresses; while he was with Selena and during his various breaks, including that of his now wife, Hailey Baldwin. Baldwin's name is mentioned repeatedly, even when Bieber was still "officially" with Selena. It is worth mentioning that Hailey was a fanatic and there was even evidence that she was in favor of the couple Justin + Selena.

4. The deception with Kylie Jenner.

The deception with Kylie Jenner.

Crédito: Vanity Fair.

Among the most relevant stories of the thread, is that while everything seemed perfect for Selena and Justin, leaked information about an alleged infidelity of Bieber with Kylie Jenner, who was close to Selena, and even found a chat where there was' nudes' in between. As a result of this situation, Selena stopped following the Jenner sisters in their social networks and cut off their friendship relationship with them.