Legendary celebrities that are about to turn 100 years old

100 years old or even more, these celebrities are still rocking! Did you know that these celebs are about to turn 100 years old?
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Have you imagined turning 100 years old? Sounds like a big number, and a little bit scary to get that old, but trust me, is the other way around. Turning 100 years old means you have lived a healthy, wonderful life, reaching a goal that not everyone can.

Have you met a 100 year old? They are full of interesting stories about their life and how they saw the world change in front of their eyes; also, they have amazing stories to tell about love, work, history, work… you choose.

In the next few years, some celebrities, are about to turn 100, just imagine all the things they have been through! So today we’re making a list in their honor to see how much they have changed, and all the relevant things they have done, and the things they are known for.

Maybe we can take as an example of how to live like them, so we can get to 100 years old like these people; having success, health, love and learning from life experiences.

Royalty, actors, singers, artists… these 100 year old celebrities have lived a wonderful long life and they’re still rocking! Maybe they can tell us their secrets to live for so long.


1. Olivia Havilland.

Olivia Havilland.

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Fue una de las actrices más famosas de los años 40. Ahora tiene 103 años y es una de las últimas estrellas de la Edad de Oro de la industria cinematográfica clásica de Hollywood. Ella ha estado en 49 películas.

2. Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II.

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She's 94 years old, and was proclaimed queen in 1952, which makes her the longest-running queen in the history of the United Kingdom and in the world.

3. Cicely Tyson.

Cicely Tyson.

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It's hard to believe that the actress is 94 years old, but yeah, she is and she looks wonderful.

4. Eve Marie Saint.

Eve Marie Saint.

Crédito: People.

She's been an actress for over 70 years, she has 2 Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars and she's about to be 96 years old.