Famous estates that caused many family lawsuits

These celebrities died and left something stipulated in their will or left no instructions, so their families fought over the inheritance.
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The celebrities who become more popular and successful accumulate large fortunes of the great empire that they have amassed thanks to their talent, however, their exorbitant fortunes can also be a complete nightmare, and not just for them, but for their relatives and relatives. they fight for it when celebrities die .

We have known of celebrities who have died suddenly , or who left a single universal heir of all their goods and fortune , so that chaos and a pitched battle breaks out between the rest of their children, wives, lovers, uncles, cousins, etc., to be able to obtain a part of the fortune or even, everything completita .

As if it were a telenovela or a drama on the big screen, family members , among others, fight with lawyers , evidence and others to be able to get what "corresponds" to them , despite the fact that the famous one has stipulated a specific heir of all his fortune .

Whether it's in the international or national show, there have been several scandals of families who end the chongo for fighting a part of the fortune of their famous relative, and there have been cases, where none is left with anything, or is obtained by someone unexpected that neither It is not even part of the family .

1. Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Crédito: People.

The actor left a 20 million dollar inheritance to his only daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, however, the girl's mother fought to be the executor of the money, however, the trial judgment named the mother of Paul Walker as the executor until her daughter turned 18.

2. Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Crédito: The Current.

It is said that the singer had more than 11 children, so at his death they all wanted a piece of the inheritance, and it is even said that to date they are still in legal battles for the singer's inheritance.

3. Prince.


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Since he did not have a wife and children, and did not leave a will, his fortune of more than 300 million dollars was fought by alleged children and friends, so the authorities had to fix the problem, distributing at the end his fortune among his brothers.

4. Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse.

Crédito: CBS News.

The singer died intestate, so her ex-husband and his parents fought the inheritance; in the end it was her parents who kept their fortune, even though she never got along with them in life.