Celebrities who have declared themselves against the Kardashian family

The Kardashian have been praised by millions of fans, however, not everyone wants them, especially some celebrities who have not denied disapproving the Kardashians.
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The Kardashian family managed to become very popular thanks to Kim Kardashian , one of the clan's most scandalous and controversial members; The reality show of his eccentric family took off when an intimate video of Kim came to light, and from there the Kardashians began to amass an empire that has made millionaires all members of the family, even the youngest.

Since its inception, the Kardashians knew how to sell themselves despite "not having any talent", and from their fame , become strong influencers within social networks, which gave them the ability to launch lines of clothing, makeup, articles of beauty, and also be the image of many other advertising campaigns. This is how the Kardashian women gradually climbed to the top , becoming one of the most famous families in the world, which caused us to see the Kardashians even in the soup.

However, despite the fact that their social networks are followed by millions of fans , there are certain people who do not admire them so much ... and who actually do not even support them or approve the way they have achieved their fame and fortune, among them, some celebrities , who have openly declared their dislike for one or all of the Kardashian clan.

1. Paris Hilton

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Since Kim began to become famous, it was said that Paris Hilton declared that she had achieved it thanks to her, however, although there was a distancing when Kim became very famous, more recently it has been seen that both socialites have retaken their friendship .. or so they say.

2. Jennifer Lopez.

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Although Kim has shown her admiration for the singer, some sources say that JLo has criticized Kim, and that she even thinks that his characteristic derriere, is operated.

3. Jon Hamm

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During an interview for a magazine, the actor said that "in the case of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, stupidity is celebrated ..." Adding other comments on how those attitudes are so rewarded today.

4. Barack Obama.

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On several occasions, former President Barack Obama made uninviting comments about the Kardashian clan, especially towards Kim. On one occasion Michelle Obama commented that her husband thought he did not approve many of the Kardashian's actions, and that they did not represent the American dream.