And for the worst of cinema, these are the nominees for the Razzies 2019

Just as the Oscars are the most recognized awards in the film industry in Hollywood, there are also the Razzies, which reward the worst of cinema.
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The Golden Raspberry awards, popularly known as the Razzies or anti-Oscars , were created by the critic and film writer John JB Wilson in 1980, trying to complement and critique with a comical approach to the Academy Awards, rewarding the worst actors , writers , directors and films of the American film industry.

The prizes are annual and voted by the members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which is an open association and gives the right to vote to anyone who pays their registration. The name of the award comes from the phrase "blowing a raspberry", which refers to the sound made by blowing with the tongue between the lips (imitating a flatulence) to denote a particularly ridiculous or poor quality artistic act.

The prizes are assigned only to films of the year of the voting and delivered in a ceremony held the day before the Oscar Awards , in an informal event that has attracted year after year since its foundation, a growing attention in the press and the show. The winners rarely show up to receive their award.

Here we present the nominees for the Golden Raspberry Awards , or Razzies , this 2019 .

1. Worst movie.

Crédito: YouTube.

The Chief of the Mafia: Gotti.

Who Killed the Puppets?

Homes & Watson.

Robin Hood.

The Curse of the Winchester House.

2. Worst actress.

Crédito: YouTube.

Jennifer Garner, "Kill or die."

Amber Heard, "London Fields."

Melissa McCarthy, "The Soul of the Party" and "Who Killed the Puppets?"

Helen Mirrer, "The Curse of the Winchester House."

Amanda Seyfried, "The Clapper."

3. Worst actor.

Crédito: YouTube.

Johnny Depp, "Sherlock Gnomes."

Will Ferrell, "Holmes & Watson."

John Travolta, "The Chief of the Mafia: Gotti."

Donald Trump, "Death of a Nation" and "Farenheit 11/9".

Bruce Willis, "Desire to Kill."

4. Worst supporting actress.

Crédito: YouTube.

Kellyanne Conway, "Fahrenheit 11/9".

Marcia Gray Harden, "Fifty Shades Released".

Kelly Preston, "The Chief of the Mafia: Gotti."

Jaz SInclair, "Slender Man."

Melania Trump, "Fahrenheit 11/9".