"The House of Flowers 2": A forced second part of the story?

The second season of "La Casa de las Flores" has disappointed fans, who have described it as boring and forced in many places.
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"La Casa de las Flores 2" is the second season of the Mexican series created by Manolo Caro and that both revolutionized its premiere in 2018 as it was the return to a performance project for Verónica Castro , who led the cast during its first season However, before announcing the renewal of the series, the Mexican actress had declared that she would not participate in a second part, and said and done. When the second and third season of the project was announced, it was also announced that Verónica Castro would no longer be part of the cast, and when the second season's trailer was released, we learned that her character would be dead within the plot.

This second part of "La Casa de las Flores" continues the story of the De La Mora family and how they mourn after the death of Virginia , in addition to trying to fix other problems such as the theft of Diego and the loss of the florist , which was sold by Virginia to " the Chiquis" at the end of the first season.

Social networks have flooded the debate over negative reviews to this second part of the story, it seems forced and unnecessary, although Manolo Caro says the story was meant to be counted in 3 seasons, so there would be neither more nor less than that, with everything and the abandonment of Verónica Castro. Although Verónica did not repeat her role, according to the creator of the series, the death of her character was already written from the beginning, so it is assumed that the plot remains unmodified, which is said to have had to see that Verónica Castro did not want to continue with the series, since she was only going to appear in a few scenes and lend her voice as a narrator of others.

In general the season is a chaos , it seems that it has no feet or head, something strange in Manolo Caro's projects; and it seems that many subplots are forced and without really having a weight or purpose in history, one of them, that of the Jenny Quetzal sect , which has been severely criticized by the audience because it has nothing to do with the The rest of the characters or the initial problem of the plot, in addition to Mariana Treviño is frightfully wasted in the role of Jenny Quetzal . Another is the participation of the character of Micaela in the "Talent Mexico" program, which also does not seem to be related to anything else in the series, and does not have much joke.

The story lost rhythm and a lot of sense , so it is boring and even lacks that spark that captivated the public during the first season. The salvageable is the character of Paulina de la Mora that Cecilia Suárez continues to make unique, and a secondary participation of "El Cacas" , that character that became so endearing during the first season.

If you want to give a chance to this second part of "La Casa de las Flores", you can see it from aa 18 October at Netflix.

Title: La Casa de las Flores
Year: 2019
Director: Manolo Caro
Cast: Manolo Caro, Verónica Castro, Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez
Genre: drama, Comedia
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