"Nailed It !: Mexico": Is it worth the show by Omar Chaparro?

The Mexican version of the American show comes with the same formula to put to the test those confectioners who do not have so much talent.
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"Nailed It !: Mexico" is a new Netflix original reality show that adapts from the original American version with the same format; Amateur confectioners who are not so talented in baking and who in this show have to compete to earn 200 thousand pesos while trying to be the "least" worst dessert of the whole competition.

The format is exactly the same, and I could even say that it is exactly the same set of film, only the drivers and guests change, however, this has a spark with the very Mexican humor and with that charisma that characterizes Omar Chaparro . However, if you are not a fan of the Mexican host, do not worry, it is much less irritating than Nicole Byer , the host of the original show, and it seems that they have contained it a bit to present this Mexican version of the program. Chaparro makes jokes, encourages, entertains the participants but stays on the sidelines , and does it quite well .

As for the guests , there are from wrestlers to actors of the same Netflix productions, and everyone does a good job as guest judges, the permanent drivers work very well with the guests and in the same way with the participants .

The show itself is entertaining and you will get a lot of laughs; In addition, you will practically be seeing the same as in "Nailed It!" but in Spanish, although what is really strange is the chef Jacques , who in the American version had an excellent acceptance, unlike the chef in this Mexican version who does not have such a strong presence .

At the end of the 6 episodes of this first season, there is a special episode with Aislinn Derbez, Jesus Zavala and Juan Pablo Medina as the participants, which is quite entertaining and funny, because you see three actors in a completely alien field, but fun .

In short, it is a show to see in one sitting, it is short, as a family and that will surely entertain you and have fun . "Nailed It !: Mexico" is available on Netflix as of February 8 .

Title: Nailed It!: México
Year: 2019
Director: Chris Kuk
Cast: Omar Chaparro, Anna Ruíz
Genre: reality show
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