"Monarch": The Mexican Netflix series produced by Salma Hayek

"Monarch" has been crowned in the top 10 of Netflix as the most watched Mexican series in Mexico and also in the top in other countries.
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"Monarca" is a drama series, original Netflix production and also by Mexican actress Salma Hayek , with the starring performances of Irene Azuela , Juan Manuel Bernal and Osvaldo Benavides . The series tells us about the powerful Carranza family and their empire, Monarch; In addition to having a hotel and transport chain, they also produce Herederos tequila. However, the patriarch of the family, seeks to clean Monarch , so he summons his only daughter, who lives abroad, but when she returns to Mexico everything gets complicated when he is brutally murdered, and then a series of problems and Misfortunes invade the Carranza family and the Monarch Empire .

Despite being a Mexican series , it is very far from the format or style of other Netflix national productions such as "La Casa de las Flores", which was highly criticized for self-classifying as a series, but rather being a modern soap opera. "Monarch" can be called a series to the full extent, and although drama is an essential part of the story, like the plot that includes narcos , corruption and crimes , it has a high quality of production , even at the level of international projects , with all that 'feeling' of being watching a Hollywoodense series , but in our language.

In just 8 episodes, "Monarch" manages to hook you with the mystery that encompasses all the issues faced by the characters , and how there is no rest for any of them; With a good script and excellent performances , this series does not bore you at any time, and when you realize, you are already biting your nails in the final scene. Because it goes like water and you devour it in a single afternoon, trying to dig and dig to get to solve all the unknowns of the plot .

Although much of the story highlights the character of Irene Azuela (Ana María Carranza) , and her interpretation is great , Juan Manuel Bernal (Joaquín Carranza) , takes all the palms to make a spectacular " villain "; a character with different nuances that you will love and hate, while you will empathize for his intentions but you will also condemn him for his actions.

As it shows the side of corruption , the treatment of businessmen with narcos and Mexican high society , it also brings to light important issues among young people such as social networks, abuse and female empowerment , making a very interesting combination of all these problems that we face as a society today.

"Monarch" has 8 episodes in this first season that we hope is not the last, because its final scene leaves us wanting to see much more of the Carranza family and what will happen to them after the storm and the chaos that they lived throughout These first 8 episodes.

Title: Monarca
Year: 2019
Director: Fernando Rovzar
Cast: Juan Manuel Bernal, ilse azuela, Osvaldo Benavides
Genre: drama
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