"Dead for Me": A new series of Netflix with comedy and mystery

This new Netflix series is perfect to watch in an afternoon and get wrapped up in sarcastic and acidic humor, but also in its mysteries and unexpected twists.
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"Muertos Para Mi" is a series of Netflix that tells the story of Jen (Christina Applegate), a woman who is going through a duel due to the recent death of her husband, so she goes to a group of help for the duel where he meets Judy (Linda Cardellini), who from nothing will become his greatest support and with whom he will develop a very peculiar friendship . However, little by little Jen realizes that Judy is not really what she appears to be.

This new series of Netflix gives us a simple argument, that sounds familiar for series like "Desperate Wives" or "Big Little Lies", however, it has a certain charm that invites you to stay watching chapter after chapter, because it involves you in a story that perfectly balances its elements of drama and comedy , without falling into the clichés of some of them, but making a perfect combination that works well despite the fact that there are moments when history seems to have no meaning .

We can attribute the charm of the series to the undeniable chemistry of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini on screen, as they manage to evoke the authenticity of their friendship and how they gradually build it throughout the chapters, until the plot twist arrives where they will make us doubt the authenticity of Judy , because secrets and mysteries will begin to shine. In addition, we have James Mardsen in a secondary character that will give a little more flavor to the main relationship between Jen and Judy .

The series is going at a good pace and has very interesting twists , with cliff hangers that do not make you hesitate a second to see the entire season without rest between chapters. It is without a doubt one of those series that you can see in a single afternoon and that also leaves you wanting much more; It catches you and envelops you in the mystery of its characters but also entertains with its peculiar sarcastic and acidic humor , which seems to be the current favorite in this type of series.

Surely this series will not be those that cause a stir, but it is a hidden gem that is worth enjoying and waiting for a second season .

"Muertos Para Mi" is available on Netflix from May 3 , with a season of 10 episodes with a duration of around 25 minutes each.

Title: Dead To Me
Year: 2019
Director: Creadora: Liz Feldman
Cast: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Mardsen, Max Jenkins
Genre: drama, Comedia, misterio
3.0 Calificación
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