"Toy Story 4": The animated franchise finally comes to an end

"Toy Story" returns with a new release to finally give an outcome to this franchise that has followed the adventures of these living toys for 24 years.
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"Toy Story 4" returns with the adventures of Woody , Buzz and the rest of the toys, which are now of little Bonnie , after Andy went to college and decided to leave his toys to the girl to take care of them. However, upon entering kindergarten, Bonnie feels very lonely and makes a new friend ... literally; he creates Forky , a cover that has now become a toy , and whom Woody swears to protect as long as Bonnie is happy and does not feel lonely, but when Forky gets lost, Woody gets involved in a new adventure where he meets new and old friends.

After the third installment of "Toy Story" , which we thought would be the last, after it took 11 years to arrive, many suffered and were moved to see Andy separate from Woody , Buzz and the rest of his beloved toys, without However, these characters have returned with a new adventure, and as usual, Disney / Pixar does not fail to bring back the tears and laughter to see what mess they are now all these living toys .

There's not much to say other than positive comments about the film , it's pure quality from start to finish, like the plot, which does not miss any details and returns to the previous films to take some pieces and include them in your timeline. The story is impeccable , and I think it gives a fair ending to the mission of these beloved toys in both Andy's life, and Bonnie's , and also as an inseparable group of friends. Although, we can tell you, many will not end up falling in love Bonnie , whom we love at the end of the third film for having adopted Andy's toys with so much love , however, in this film, the story is different.

The level of detail and perfection handled by "Toy Story 4" is indescribable, and if you are a Pixar fan and from this franchise from the beginning, you will surely find some easter eggs throughout the film that you will be very pleased to notice, and that They will surely bring back many memories and a great nostalgia for the previous films and your own childhood. You will also witness the great evolution that Pixar has had in terms of animation , and how they have been able to overcome themselves, delivering an attractive film not only visually, but also moving , exciting , fun and nostalgic for those who grew up watching this franchise .

We can not say much to not ruin the experience, but we will tell you not to forget the disposable tissues , because they will need you, and no matter your age, your sex or how strong you think you are, you will end up shedding tears at several moments of the film, and you have fun as a dwarf with all occurrences of the characters and jokes.

"Toy Story 4" is available on all the world's billboards from June 21.

Title: Toy Story 4
Year: 2019
Director: Josh Cooley
Cast: Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Keany Reeves, Annie Potts, Tony Hale
Genre: animada, Fantasía
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