"Tod @ s Caen": Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda back together on screen

If you already watched "Tod @ s Caen", surely the plot sounded very familiar to another romantic Mexican comedy that had great success a couple of years ago.
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"Tod @ s Caen" is a new Mexican romantic comedy starring Martha Higareda and Omar Chaparro , and it is about Adam and Mine , two people who have grown tired of having their hearts broken and now just looking to make their conquests fall instead of falling them first. Adam , in particular, spends time conquering girl after girl without having anything serious, while Mia is an ambitious and feminist woman who wants to share her advice of conquest to more women so that they are not victims of Patagonians and Donjuanes ... as Adam However, due to the fate of fate, Adam and Mia intersect and begin a very dangerous romance , since both seek to conquer the other without falling in love , applying many of their techniques to make the other fall.

It is a new Mexican comedy ... yes, another one, and another with Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda , who have already starred together in other projects such as "No Manches Frida" , where they made good dumbbell and received good response from the public towards their chemistry as a couple on screen, so try to replicate that same success , but now in a comedy a little more romantic and more raised tone .

We will not deny that it is a funny comedy , with the typical jokes of Mexican comedies, romantic clichés, a sticky soundtrack and very nice Mexican actors with characters that complement the leading couple well . However, it has a very familiar premise to another romantic Mexican comedy that had great success at the time, "A La Mala" , starring Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez. The plot is basically the same, and there are even strangely similar scenes and details , so suddenly it seems to become a " readjustment " with other actors and with a disguised main point, which in the end is the same.

Mexican comedies have been criticized severely by experts because they repeat the same clichés , the same jokes and even the same actors, and especially this film, seems to have been based on "A La Mala" , although that film was not entirely original either.

After all, it is a fun movie that will make you laugh and that will surely make you feel identified with some situations, in addition to approving it for showing faces so familiar and already loved by the Mexican public in general.

"Tod @ s Caen" is found on all billboards in Mexico as of September 20.

Title: [email protected] Caen
Year: 2019
Director: Ariel Winograd
Cast: Martha Higareda, Omar Chaparro, Consuelo Duval
Genre: Comedia
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