"The Secret Life of your Pets": A fun sequel for the little ones

"The Secret Life of your Pets 2" is a very funny story for the little ones, although it may not be as entertaining for the parents.
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"The Secret Life of your Pets 2" continues with the story of Max , a puppy that had to adapt to a new great dog, Duke , in the last film, but now he will have to face a much greater change when his owner, Katie , marries and has a baby . At first, Max will not be very excited about the arrival of a baby in the family, but over time he takes love, although it causes him to develop some stress and fear that he will have to face with courage .

The study that has handled the great franchise of "My Favorite Villain" and the friendly Minions , now brings the sequel to this story about pets and continues with the characters of the first part, but now with different challenges and a story that at the beginning It is split into 3 to end up joining in a very significant moral for Max , the protagonist puppy .

Although it is about cartoons , and children can enjoy these nice characters 100% in different settings , with new friends, music and fantasy, the story will not be very fun for parents who can fully understand and more technically the whole movie .

The film begins a little confusing from 3 different situations that seem to have nothing to do and that also do not seem very relevant or in any way related to the main problem with the protagonist, Max , and little by little the story begins becoming slow and even Something boring , if you are not a child who enjoys animated characters , and it is not until almost the last quarter of the movie, that everything comes together and ends up having a little relationship between everything that happened.

Be they pears or apples, the story is attractive to the little ones , and the characters have their charm, in addition to the attractive premise that suggests knowing all the adventures that pets have when they are not being watched.

Although the elders may not find it very funny or entertaining , surely the little ones will love this tape and have a lot of fun in the movie theater .

"The Secret Life of your Pets 2" opens from August 9 in all cinemas.

Title: The Secret Life of Pets 2
Year: 2019
Director: Chris Renaud
Cast: Andrés López, Martín Campilongo, Mónica Huarte, Eugenio Derbez, Natasha Dupeyrón, Ana María Simón, Jesús Guzmán
Genre: animada, Comedia, aventura
3.0 Calificación
3.5 Calificación de Usuarios

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