"The Lion King": The Disney classic returns in live-action 25 years later

25 years after its animated version was released in 1994, "The Lion King" opens in a renewed realistic version with computer animation.
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"The Lion King" is one of Disney's animated classics, which premiered in 1994 , and had such success that it became the highest grossing and most popular Disney animated film. The story tells us what happens with Simba , an heir who is deceived by his evil uncle, Scar , who wants to keep his brother's kingdom, and Simba's father, Mufasa . As we all know, Mufasa dies to 'claws' of Scar , and encourages Simba to flee, because it makes him believe that everything has been his fault. This is how Simba goes away from home, meets new friends and lives a worry-free life until he meets a childhood friend who asks for help to save the kingdom, which has been completely devastated by Scar and her entourage of hyenas

This is a story that is impossible not to have seen at some point in childhood , and that is, without a doubt, the most iconic of Disney ; That is why when it was announced that it would be renewed in a 'live-action' version, all fans were uprooted.

Actually, it is a realistic computer animation , where all animals are more faithful to true lions, meerkats, wild boars, giraffes, etc., which gives a very natural and real touch to all the characters.

The animation is completely incredible, because you might think that it has been done with real animals , and it is even more impressive to know that everything has been done by computer ; The movements of the animals , the details of their hair, their legs, the eyes, everything looks very authentic.

As for the story, I think it is one of those that the public will love because they have not radically changed history as they have done with "Maleficent" or "Alice in Wonderland" , which has been detractor for That these live-actions will not be very successful at the box office and before the public. The theory is that people want to see exactly the same story, the same songs and the same characters , only in a 'live-action' version , with the least possible changes, and it's something that “The Lion King” has.

The film has the songs that we all expected to hear, with almost imperceptible changes, and the changes that have been made in the script or the plot, are good enough not to harm the essence of the film , and add an extra to the public He likes me.

Despite the not so encouraging rating of criticism, "The Lion King" has again placed as audience favorite, and rightly so, because it is a film that has everything: emotion, fun, music and characters very friendly, In addition to a very significant message.

"The Lion King" is already on the card starting July 18 .

Title: The Lion King
Year: 2019
Director: Jon Favreau
Cast: Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, John Oliver
Genre: drama, aventura, infantil
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