"The Knight of Christmas": A medieval knight + romance + Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens returns to Netflix this season with another Christmas movie, but this time it includes a medieval knight, magic and romance.
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"The Christmas Knight" is a new Netflix original Christmas movie, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse . The film is in the Christmas season, but in two different times when Sir Cole , from the 14th century, travels in time thanks to the spell of a witch and crosses with Brooke , a teacher who ends up staying in his house, while preparing a Christmas party and try to understand how Cole claims to be a medieval knight.

For a couple of years Netflix opted for Christmas romantic movies, and even if the plots were full of clichés and black holes, they have been so bad that they are very good, with great success among users, so the streaming service Now he prepares his Christmas movies every year without fail. This year we will have the third part of "A Christmas Prince" and this new story starring Vanessa Hudgens , who already made another Christmas movie last year, "Princess Exchange" . Now Hudgens returns with this fantastic new story, accompanied by Josh Whitehouse as a medieval knight and with a magical Christmas romance.

Everyone knows that these Netflix Christmas movies do not have a good script that can be sustained and that they are full of clichés, but they are such good clichés that end up captivating you and making these movies favorite of the season. This will not be the exception, because it has magic, romance, fun, a bit of drama and a handsome, kind and attentive gentleman who melts with his charm. What else is needed at Christmas ?

Hudgens has already taken hold of this genre and its collaborations with Netflix , so we are almost certain that it will continue to participate with them for more original films of this style, since it has had great success with both films.

Do not expect a very complicated plot or with a broad explanation of why a medieval knight lands in 2019, in reality the reason they give is very vague, but it has a certain charm that makes you completely ignore those small details to completely immerse yourself in the charm of Sir Cole's character and the chemistry he has with Brooke from the beginning.

The best way to watch this movie is one of these cold winter afternoons, with hot chocolate and your favorite snacks . And do not worry, it is suitable for the whole family, surely even the least romantic and bitter can enjoy it without getting bored.

"The Christmas Knight" is available on Netflix as of November 21 .

Title: The Knight Before Christmas
Year: 2019
Director: Monika Mitchell
Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, josh whitehouse
Genre: Romance, Fantasía, navideña
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