"The Diabolical Doll": A very terrible reboot where Chucky looks like a joke

From the first glimpses of the character of Chucky, we knew that this would not be a good rehash of the popular cult film of 1988.
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"The Diabolical Muñeco" is a new version of the 1988 classic , although this time it is not the soul of a murderer who owns a doll, but an angry employee who decides to badly program a high-tech doll. ' Buddi ' is an intelligent doll with many innovative features that can control all technological devices, walk, have a voice, record everything, etc. But when Andy's mother decides to take him one that is defective, the chaos breaks loose, and Chucky , to protect his friendship with Andy , and then to take revenge, begins to provoke a massacre .

The original film by Chucky was ridiculous, however, it had a certain " charm " that allowed it to become popular and gain success over the years, which gave life to several sequels where the bloody adventures of the character were still told. Now, we wanted to take up the famous diabolical doll in a modern context, in full 2019, but in my opinion, it failed miserably .

The film has neither a head nor a head, it does not substantiate the reasons for everything that is happening and at a certain point it seems that it is going at full speed but it also seems that nothing important actually happens, even though a robotic doll begins to massacre people in the most ridiculous way possible; The original Chucky had some ingenuity and authenticity , but this seems a real mockery, and more like a parody of the original character on which it is based.

There comes a moment in the movie where you do not know for sure if it's a joke , parody , if it's serious, if it's something "Scary Movie" style or if everything is really happening as if it were a suspense movie / slaughter. For a person who does not like the horror movies , suspense and bloody movies , this film does not cause tickle, much less terror, and leaves you wanting those bloody scenes that could have saved it, but that fall well below the standard .

Bored , meaningless , ridiculous ... The movie feels like a complete scam, not to mention the terrible character design of Chucky . There are ephemeral moments of laughter, but there are no cries of fear or surprise, everything is so predictable and so slow that you fall asleep halfway through the movie and there is not even the slightest curiosity to know what the outcome is .

"The Diabolic Muñeco" in its version 2019 , is on all the billboards from May 19 .

Title: Child's Play
Year: 2019
Director: Lars Klevberg
Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Ty Consiglio
Genre: suspenso, slasher
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