"Story of a Marriage": The Netflix movie that goes for the Oscar

"History of a Marriage" paints to sneak into the nominations for the next 2020 Oscar Awards.
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"History of a Marriage" is an original Netflix film that also had its exhibition time in cinemas and in several festivals of the seventh art such as the TIFF, the Venice, New York festival and the BFI Film Festival, with the protagonists of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver , and directed by Oscar nominee Noah Baumbach .

This story tells the process of Charlie and Nicole while dealing with a divorce ; Despite looking like a perfect partner, both of them must face a legal battle for the custody of their only child, and the whole process brings out their mistakes, but also how their couple's life plan is destroyed and the way that It affects both, showing each other's point of view and becoming competitive during the legal process, until the signature happens and then everything seems to become more cordial.

It is a realistic and extremely emotional film about what happens in a divorce and how those couples who seem happy and perfect at first glance, decide to separate and start with a difficult divorce process. The film passes every emotion and how both characters, Charlie and Nicole , are confronted by those mistakes that led them to make that decision to separate , but also, how can a legal process , cause a couple's feelings and cordiality to remain completely forgotten.

Although the film focuses more on Charlie's process, it gives us an idea of what happens with both characters; their emotions , thoughts and feelings , to empathize with each other's reasons for making the decisions they make and the actions they undertake.

The script is fantastic , it has comedy tints that are well received and the dramatic , emotional and thoughtful moments are respected to be able to savor them with the same emotions that the characters live. It is a realistic and somewhat crude story of why couples separate even though love continues to exist, and it is also a sign that feelings are not the only thing that keeps a healthy and happy marriage .

The performances are exquisite , as it has a select cast that has been nominated for an Oscar at least once, and although Scarlett Johansson stands out for his remote interpretation of a comedy or action character, Adam Driver is the one who takes all the palms for his character in "Story of a Marriage".

It is one of those films that leaves you reflecting and thinking even days after seeing it ... If you have gone through a similar process or even if you were the son of divorced parents, it will give you a new perspective on what a marriage means and a process of divorce

"Story of a Marriage" is available as of December 6 on Netflix .

Title: Marriage Story
Year: 2019
Director: Noah Baumbach
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver
Genre: drama, comedia dramática
5.0 Calificación
4.7 Calificación de Usuarios

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