"Single": A hilarious comedy about women looking to get married

"Solteras" is a fun Mexican comedy that will keep you entertained throughout the story; You will not be able to laugh so much.
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"Solteras" is a new Mexican comedy about Ana , a woman who desperately wants to marry her 10-year-old boyfriend, but when he cuts her off, her life crumbles and she starts to despair because she has not managed to get a husband and age is reaching. As a recommendation of a cousin who has just committed , Ana decides to attend a course where she will be taught all the secrets to get that precious engagement ring and finally reach the altar .

Although it is another Mexican comedy , and that the trailer may not be very promising, the story has many points in its favor that make it a good film palomera that will not disappoint the audience, it combines comedy , the romance , that touch of drama , a good moral and a very different ending to all the Mexican romantic comedies that flood the billboard and all the "new Mexican cinema".

It will not be the best movie , but it has many elements that make it one of those movies that you can enjoy 100% while you're in the room. The story is realistic , and although it is a film , the truth is that the pressure of society and the family for a woman to marry is equal or worse than what we see in this dramatization , so it is easy for women to identify with the story of Ana or the rest of the women who come to the course to find a husband .

The moral is as simple as that a woman can live single and without desperation to get a husband, and unlike other romantic comedies , here the end is directed to another course that is faithful and consistent with the whole story.

We have diverse characters , some who caricature certain types of women in search of a husband, but who are very attached to what actually happens in our society. The performances are as good as the comedy requires, switching between drama and comedy for all the characters and making a very fun combination .

This Mexican movie may be one of the most fun that has been released lately and you will leave the cinema with stomach pain from laughing so much, but you can also see from a comical perspective , the problem that many women suffer when they are reaching a certain age and do not They have married , still in full 2019 .

"Solteras" premieres on June 7 in all national theaters.

Title: Solteras
Year: 2019
Director: Luis Javier M. Henaine
Cast: Cassandra Ciangherotti, Gabriela de la Garza, Irán Castillo, Juan Pablo Medina, Flor Edwarda Gurrola
Genre: Comedia romántica
3.0 Calificación
4.0 Calificación de Usuarios

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