"Mom went on a trip": An adaptation of the Argentine comedy in Mexico

This is a rehash of an Argentine film of 2017 with the same name, and although they have tried to replicate the success, it seems that they will not succeed.
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"Mamá went on a trip" is a new Mexican comedy , although it is a rehash of a 2017 Argentine film of the same name. The premise is basically the same, Casandra ( Andrea Legarreta ) is a mother of four who left her professional career to devote herself to her family and home, while her husband, Gabriel ( Martín Altomaro ), is dedicated to work ... However, he works so much that he does not get very involved in the lives of his children, much less worry about helping his wife in the housework. But one day, Cassandra decides to go on a trip and leave everything in charge to her husband Gabriel , so he will have to manage to keep the house standing.

Many of the recent Mexican comedies have had a measured success, and in this genre, the new Mexican cinema stands out nationally, as it is what sells and what people like to see in theaters around the country, however There are certain films that, even if they are not replicas of a success, can be so attractive. "Mom went on a trip" is an almost exact copy of the original Argentine version ; that is to say, the dialogues are made almost word for word equal to the Argentine film , it does not have many changes and tropicalization does not save it much, because in several points of history, some actions or dialogues, sound and look quite strange or out of place .

We cannot deny that the film has its funny moments and jokes that make you laugh, but there comes a point where they become repetitive and tedious , and even it becomes boring , losing the center point of the plot, which is the role of women and men in the home, something that is forgotten when a subplot is presented that has to do with Gabriel's work, and a new employee who hires to help him with his children and his home while his wife is Travel. In the end everything is fixed quickly and it seems that the lesson for the main character was not so well learned at all.

Despite having had great successes in Mexican cinema as "Amar Te Duele", Fernando Sariñana does not score with this comedy , because it is halfway and with little authenticity and chemistry among his characters, a script nothing innovative or creative and a story that seems to get anywhere or to fully exploit an issue that has for much more.

It is entertaining, but sadly, there are other Mexican comedies on the billboard that are a better investment of your ticket at the box office of the cinemas. It is a not so pleasant nor successful return of Andrea Legarreta to theaters .

"Mom went on a trip" is in every movie theater in the country as of September 13.

Title: Mamá se fue de viaje
Year: 2019
Director: Fernando Sariñana
Cast: andrea legarreta, Martín Altomaro
Genre: Comedia
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