"Mirreyes vs. Godínez": Employees fight over their place in the office

These two social groups that have become so famous in social networks, now has its own movie hand in hand with the new Mexican cinema.
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"Mirreyes vs. Godínez" is a new Mexican comedy and social satire about the well-known office workers, better known as Godinez, and those sons of daddy, rich and strawberries, better known as mirreyes . The plot revolves around Genaro Rodríguez , an untiring Godinez who has the recognition of his boss , but once he dies and his son Santiago tries to take the reins of the company, Genaro and his fellow godinez will have to fight for their place and fight with the rest of the mirreyes friends of Santiago .

The plot is quite simple and even cliché, but in this case it works because in Mexico, the mirreyes and the godínez have been an endless source of jokes , memes and basically, they are already part of the national culture for all that they imply. This film is based on reality to create its characters, and it must be recognized that unlike other films that include characters of the style, this film does not caricature them , nor exaggerate them ; the mirrey and the godinez look quite authentic and natural, another positive point so that the spectators feel identified with either of the two groups.

The jokes and jokes related to godinez and mirreyes do not stop from the beginning, and although the formula of the film works as do many Mexican comedies that reflect daily life in our country, there comes a point where jokes are overexploited and no longer They give as much laughter as the first three times, however, it is passable. We can not be demanding with a film of this cut.

Does it make you laugh ? Clear. Can you identify ? Probably. Is it worthy of an Oscar ? Of course not. But "Mirreyes vs. Godínez" fulfills its mission to entertain and make you laugh by using two social groups that have become almost icons in social networks in Mexico , and see it on the big screen, let's face it, it's quite fun .

"Mirreyes vs. Godínez" is found on all the billboards of the Mexican theaters on January 25th .

Title: Mirreyes vs. Godínez
Year: 2019
Director: Chava Cartas
Cast: Roberto Aguirre, Regina Blandón, Diana Bovio, Christian Vázquez, Claudia Ramírez, Pablo Lyle, Hernán Mendoza
Genre: Comedia
3.0 Calificación
2.9 Calificación de Usuarios

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