"Men in Black: International": Agent and alien franchise returns

The new face of the "Men in Black" franchise has not been very successful, and the box office reflects how bad it has been with the public and critics.
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"Men in Black: International" brings back the franchise made famous by Will Smith and Tomy Lee Jones in their respective roles as the original Men in Black, with which they made a trilogy by Barry Sonnenfeld that became quite popular and important in the genre. Despite being very innovative aliens , battles and weapons , the story had a certain charm that combined all of this with humor, Smith's charisma and Jones' personality to have a perfect formula that became a favorite of the public. .

The Men in Black franchise now returns to F. Gary Gray, director of hits such as "Fast and Furious 8", "Explicit Lyrics" and "The Master Scam", but it seems that this project was great and could not give the width to offer a product of full quality .

This reboot takes up the dynamics of the trilogy of Will Smith and Tomy Lee Jones ; an agency of special agents that fight with particular adversaries and seek the welfare of humanity, however, contrary to inject something fresh and innovative to this new film, the plot remains a fairly predictable argument that is neither exciting nor captivating . The comic moments save from time to time some parts of the film but do not have that spark of the previous trilogy that characterized the plot , and that contrasted with the main line of the film: kill or fight extraterrestrial beings.

On the other hand, the cast is not so terrible , and is that it is grateful to have young faces and experienced actors and well-known as Emma Thompson or Liam Neeson , while the chemistry of the couple protagonist , Chris Hemsworth (Agent H) and Tessa Thompson (Agent M) is very favorable, although not enough to save the entire tape . However, despite a good cast , and a good chemistry between actors, this does not end up convincing either the critics or the public, who have given him the worst opening at the box office of the Men in Black franchise .

To top it off, we recognize that Hollywood is making an effort to make its casts more inclusive and have gender equity in all kinds of roles, but when history does not require it, as in this case, it only seems to be something extremely forced . Despite this, Tessa Thompso does not perform well, but does not fit well in the Men in Black universe, and to be honest, it seems strange ...

Despite the bad reviews and reviews, "Men in Black: International" is released in all theaters from June 14 .

Title: MIB: International.
Year: 2019
Director: F. Gary Gray.
Cast: Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson
Genre: Ciencia ficción
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