"Maybe Forever": A hilarious new Netflix romantic comedy

The biggest surprise of this romantic comedy is the unexpected participation of Keanu Reeves, who contrary to his regular action characters, will leave you laughing.
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"Maybe Forever" is a new Netflix romantic comedy that tells the story of Sasha and Marcus , two childhood friends who were very close until their adolescence, when after a very sad event, they reached intimacy, which changed completely their friendship and that ended up taking them by separate ways . Fifteen years later Sasha and Marcus meet again and have strong feelings for each other, however, there will be some obstacles that will have to overcome to be together.

At first one would think that it is another romantic comedy full of clichés and that there is nothing new or fresh to offer, but as the plot progresses, things get good and very funny . It is a romantic comedy , which does use the constant jokes , including the simplest and unexpected but that will make you laugh out loud and even cause stomach pain because you will not stop laughing.

Although the plot is simple and most of the film is comical , it has its deep and reflective parts, because it will make you think what each of the characters deserves, and who is the one who is right in their conflict to make compatible and empathize with the other. But despite playing this theme, its main attraction, undoubtedly, is comedy, and it's no surprise, because the protagonist, Ali Wong ( Sasha ) is a popular American standupera .

Something that is also worth noting is the inclusion that the film shows; starting with the fact that it is a couple Asian protagonist , something that is not seen so often in the Hollywood film industry, and also its inclusion of LGBT characters.

However, despite the good plot, the deep themes, the hilarious jokes , the inclusion and good performances of the entire cast, the film takes the complete participation of Keanu Reeves , who barely appears in a couple of scenes but who It makes gold worth the entire film. In this film Keanu plays himself, but in a very caricatured version of his person as a Hollywood star extravagant and even cocky, but no doubt, very funny and pleasant to see while laughing and do not stop laughing during all the scenes in which you have participation .

Although Netflix has taken hold of romantic comedies lately for all their original productions, this is undoubtedly a success that will become a must; one of the funniest and entertaining productions of recent months.

"Maybe Forever" is available on Netflix as of May 29 .

Title: Always Be My Maybe
Year: 2019
Director: Nahnatchka Khan
Cast: Ali Wong, Randall Park, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Dae Kim, Ashley Liao, Michelle Buteau, Vivian Bang
Genre: Comedia romántica
4.0 Calificación
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