"Maleficent 2": The faithful proof that second parties have never been good

"Maleficent 2" is the clear example of when Disney wants to juice something that no longer has it, resulting in a forced and unnecessary tape.
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"Maleficent 2" continues with the story of Maleficent and Aurora after the first battle with Stefan and his goal of saving the Moor and also the princess of the same spell that Maleficent had imposed upon him at birth. In this second part we see how Maleficent is still clinging to her mother's affection for Aurora and how she struggles to accept that she marries Prince Philip and leaves the Moor to move to the castle of the kingdom of Ulstead , the home of the prince and his Fathers, kings Ingrith and John . It is then that a battle between the humans, led by Queen Ingrith , and the fairies and other creatures of the Paramo is unleashed , so Maleficent will have to test the love she has for Aurora and loyalty to her own species .

The first movie of "Maleficent" was harshly criticized for having changed the classic story we all knew of "Sleeping Beauty" and for giving Maleficent reasons to be villain, however, she managed to have a great success at the box office and stand out among others live -actions that Disney has made of his classic tales. So Disney wanted to replicate and extend the success of the characters and Angelina Jolie as a beautiful villain with a completely unnecessary and confusing sequel.

Angelina is beautiful, nobody disputes that, but the story is everywhere, has no feet or head and despite having great special effects and offer a visual feast, the plot is boring, slow and very very confusing . If you stayed with the end of the first movie, thinking that Aurora and Philip had married in the Páramo , mistake ! because this sequel begins with the proposal of marriage of the prince towards Aurora , which unbalances a little the thread of the history or of what the majority of the public perceived with the end of the first part.

In addition to the change of the actor who plays Prince Philip , we see new main characters that also complicate a bit of keeping pace with the order of history and where the Moor was, the ancient kingdom of Aurora and Ulstead , the kingdom from which Philip and the new threat to the Moor . Wow, it's all a relax. It is quite noticeable that they had to make many modifications and force certain frames to be able to extend into this second part, which feels precisely like this: forced and unnecessary .

At the end of the day, it is a family film that initially shields for all the special effects, magical creatures and beautiful factions of Angelina Jolie , so if you do not have a very critical eye, you can enjoy it with your family as a palm film Sundays

"Maleficent 2" opens on all billboards starting October 18 .

Title: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Year: 2019
Director: Joachim Ronning
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer
Genre: Fantasía
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